Runcorn All Saints Church of England Primary School

runcornallsaintsAt Runcorn All Saints Church of England Primary School, we are very fortunate to have a joint Faith Catholic and Church of England school partner Secondary School, which is St Chad’s in Runcorn.  Children from Runcorn All Saints, irrespective of their faith background, are given priority in the admissions criteria over children from schools which are not the official “feeder” primary schools.

For more information about what St Chad’s has to offer follow these links:

- Transfer and transition to St Chad’s (text, including links to transition leaflet and welcome booklet.
- Admissions (text – how to make a visit, admissions criteria, link to supplementary form)

Application, Transition and Transfer to St Chad’s Catholic and Church of England High School

Although regularly oversubscribed, all pupils in it's nine faith partner primary schools enjoy the special privilege of being assured a place, irrespective of faith background in Year 7, above the many pupils in other local primary schools who are also seeking a school which emphasises a ‘whole education which nurtures reflection on faith and moral purpose.’

Runcorn All Saints' special relationship ensures that the change from primary to secondary phase takes place as smoothly as possible and without unnecessary anxiety. Open Evenings will be held at St Chad’s in the summer term of Year 5 and again in the autumn term of Year 6 to which parents and pupils are invited. St Chad’s recommends that parents of prospective students visit anytime from Year 4 onwards.

Being a pupil in our school means that your child benefits from the outreach work provided by St Chad’s which gives our children regular opportunities to experience the school and what it has to offer. The activities include primary languages, competitive sport, science, maths, performing arts activities and regular meetings between Head Teachers of all schools within the Christian community.  A request for admission is made on the Common Application Form through the local authority in which you reside. This form is usually filled in online although paper copies may be requested. Additionally parents are asked to fill in the Supplementary Form which is available for download from St Chad’s website.

Parents of children offered places are also given the opportunity to attend the New Intake Parents' Evening in July.  Throughout the year, the Head of School, Mrs Burke, will hold coffee mornings where parents can come and meet with her and ask questions. Arrangements are also made for pupils to visit the school for induction in the summer term prior to entry. This gives the children a great opportunity to make new friends before they join St Chad’s.

The transition mentor and the inclusion team visit all Year 6 pupils after offers have been made and accepted and extensive collaboration takes place with primary Head teachers and Year 6 teachers regarding grouping of pupils and any special or additional needs which pupils may have.  Detailed information concerning each individual pupil's level of attainment and progress in the National Curriculum, all test scores from standard and specially devised assessments and all relevant documentation are carefully collated and forwarded to the school.  Where necessary, the St Chad’s school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator also visits the primary schools to acquire additional information about both very able and less able pupils. In this way, our children experience one curriculum, which provides the very best continuity from the age of 5 to 18 years and, in doing so, receive an excellent Christian education. All parents receive a welcome booklet which contains key information about St Chad’s so that the partnership between parents and teachers is strong from the start.

For more information e-mail the school – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.